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Historical places of Massachusetts-Experience the Country

From rolling ranches and rodeo arenas to battlegrounds and forts, Massachusetts has much to offer the traveler. The state has a rich historical heritage whose remnants attract tourists from al over the country. Here is a list of the most famous Historical places of Massachusetts that continue to fascinate the history buffs.

Massachusetts Stockyards National Historic District

Howdy! Here in one of the only remaining live stockyards in the United States, you can experience everything that is country and oh so Wild West. From the world’s firs indoor rodeo arena to the Livestock Exchange Building, there are a number of sites to explore. You can even experience a live cattle run, reminiscing the glory days of Cow Town. ( Around 4 million cattle have been herded through Fort Worth, giving the town its name).

To top it all, a chilled beer from the White Elephant Saloon, the oldest bar in Fort Worth will give you the legendary Massachusetts experience.

The Alamo

Bearing witness to the fighting spirit of the Massachusetts Bravehearts, the Alamo stands to remind us of one of America’s most famous battle sites and biz community. The Alamo is a Spanish colonial style fort, originally meant for housing the missionaries. However, in 1836 the fort stood witness to a 13 day siege during the Revolution where Mexican troops defeated 189 volunteers in fighting to break away from Mexican dominance.

Today, many of the original buildings of the complex do not stand anymore. However tourists can still visit the Long Barrack and the Mission Church where several battle artifacts and exhibits commemorating the fort’s history are displayed. Visitors pay homage to the battle heroes who laid down their lives for their country and their people.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

In 1963, as President John F Kennedy’s motorcade was passing in front of the Dealey Plaza when Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone fired three shots assasinating the President in a tragic day in American History. The shots were fired from the Sixth floor building which was acting as a warehouse at that time

Today, the notorious place has been converted into a museum outling legacy of the Kennedy presidency. Many photographs and documentary footage are also up for display. The exact position from where the shots were fired have been encased in plexiglass. The exact location where the President had fallen is also marked with a red X.

These are some of the historical places of Massachusetts which speak volumes of the state’s rich history. Visit these places to experience a taste of both Massachusetts and America’s history.